Le grand rassemblement RSA du 7 au 9 juillet

The RSA Federation celebrate this year its 70th anniversary !

On this occasion, a very big fly'in is proposed to you, in the purest tradition of RSA meetings : open to all, free, festive.

The appointment will take place the next July 7, 8, 9th in Vichy for a fly'in 100% RSA.

You will meet the designers and builders who have made France the first aeronautical nation : around these  extraordinary personalities, the builders, the restorers and all the people that maintain aircrafts are invited. No landing tax, admission free.

This year Italy will be honored Capture_decran_2017-04-12_a_08.24.14.png

Our traditionals and appreciated conferences will take place in the terminal and our TROPHÉES will reward the wothiest builders, restorers and aircraft.

Register now and book your days for the 70th anniversary of the meeting.

Béatrice de REYNAL & Le Comité d'organisation

It is the pilots and fans of aviation favorite fly'in and this will also be the opportunity of a Splash'in with ULM seaplanes that will land in Vichy's water surface.

Aircraft from all over Europe will be there : France, Ireland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany…

Aircrafts from amateur builders (designers, builders, restorers), classic planes, kits, ULMs and autogyros but also all the aviation's fans will gather for a week end of meetings, trades, conferences (about weather, regulation, restoring technics...).

Great moments of conviviality and emotion in perspective to share with your friends and colleagues : the famous awards will take place on saturday at 19h.

An aviators meeting

The pleasure of sharing experiences with other passionates from all over Europe, sleeping under the wings of your plane, eating meals together, looking the work of the one and the other, talking, discovering new materials and comparing the caracteristics...

A true Fly'in like we love them.

People, planes , builders, restorers, designers, mechanics, pilots... passionate persons that will meet in Vichy for 3 days for an Euro Fly'in RSA in 100% RSA spirit.

An organisation exclusively composed of volunteers, supporter by numerous aviation associations and aeronautical professionals as :
The CNFAS in particular members of the FFPLUM who are partners ans friends of the event.
The French Authority represented by the DGAC, Vichy's City, etc...
Without forgetting our friends and partners : Air Courtage, Aviation&Pilote, Aviasport, etc...

Everybody supports us.